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We represent a Social Media Marketing Agency in PTA that helps small to medium-sized businesses grow. We make you interact with your prospects, increase brand visibility and earn measurable outcomes through our strategically focused SMM Services.

Social Media Marketing Services that Does Something More than Bringing Anonymous Likes on Your Social Media Profiles

How many of 3.30 billion social media users can possibly be your potential customers? Even a wild guess can help you realize how much you’re missing out if you’re not investing your time and money in social media marketing.

An image, a simple video, a message or a single story can revolutionize your brand retention, if done right.
There are 49 million users in South Africa on social media platforms which is 45% using social media and on average, every user checks his timelines 17 times a day. It means you miss a chance to convert your prospect with every passing second without an appropriate social media presence.

Already have social media profiles? How much traffic you’re driving to your website? Is your following consistently growing every month? What’s the proportion of people interacting with and loving your social media content? Have sales increased?

If you don’t have a significant answer, you need rock-solid social media marketing services. They will equip you with a plan and resources to work on your business goals. They will also provide you with a blueprint for consistent overall progress in the future.

Web Expresions offers such operative social media marketing services that help you identify your customers, engage with them, convince them to buy from you and trust you forever. Our services also help you rank your website on search engines quickly by validating your online presence.

Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns are customer-oriented, trendy and proven to deliver results.

social media marketing

Audience & Competitors Research

We do in-depth research about your potential customers, design your buyer persona and identify how you can solve their problem. We also study your competitors to develop unique strategies to outrun them.

social media marketing

Social Media Strategies

We develop custom social media strategies for every business and decides when and what to post. After analyzing your followers’ activities, we make appropriate changes in the strategy to optimize your social media performance.

social media marketing

Social Media Content Creation

From writing content to creating exclusive images and videos for your brand, our social media agency do it all. We create content which is unique, interactive and fascinates the attention of your prospects while they scroll down impatiently.

social media marketing

Social Media Content Marketing

We market your content to the most suitable people who are more likely to buy from you. Our social media services promote your brand through paid campaigns, run ads and get influencers talking about you on different social media channels.

social media marketing

Content Automation & Repurposing

Our social media marketing firm helps you save time by automating the posting and analysis of your social media content using authentic softwares. We also help you make most out of your existing content by appropriate repurposing.

social media marketing

Analysis, Reporting & Testing

Our team provide you with weekly social media marketing reports and analyze the data to optimize the performance. We test social media platforms, publishing times and campaigns to customize our social media marketing services.

Retweets, Likes, Shares, Comments, Connections, Pins, Reviews – We Bring Everything to Your Door

Facebook Marketing Services

Methodological and Systematic Facebook Marketing that Works with Authenticity and Focuses entirely on Making you more Rands

1.18 billion daily-users spend more than 50 minutes a day on Facebook.

Facebook video marketing is wrestling with Youtube at 1:2 as Youtube has half a billion fewer users and Facebook users watch 100M hours of videos every day.

Facebook has a CPM lower than any other social platform and it gives you an opportunity to reach the right people through custom audience selection.

Still, only 45% of marketers believe that Facebook is an invest-able marketing channel.

Don’t be one of them.

If you’re planning to grow your business like a rapid-fire in the coming years, Facebook marketing is your cost-effective and long-lasting chance.

social media marketing

Facebook Marketing Services that Help You Create Loyal Fans, Boost Up Your Reach and Grow the Value of Your Business

Facebook Content Strategy

Our process starts from creating or re-polishing your facebook page. After optimizing your business description, tabs and CTA, we enter into the strategy. We study your target audience and figure out what interests them. In addition to that, we also analyze what kind of content is popular on Facebook such as images, videos, polls, Facebook lives or instant articles and plan our roadmap around it.

Facebook Content Creation & Scheduling

To help you save time and hassle, we create unique and engaging content. Figuring out from our research and result analysis, we post the content when your target audience is more likely to be active to enhance engagement. Our creative social media copywriters and content creators make it sure that your content gets maximum reactions and is shared widely across the channel.

Page Likes and Engagement

Web Expressions does a Facebook marketing company that believes in originality. We don’t increase your page-likes by purchasing spammy offers. Our content is our power and we strategically promote it to your high target audience. It is ensured that every person that clicks the ‘like’ button is related to your brand and has a potential to engage with you in future.

Result Tracking

Facebook marketing strategy, Facebook content creation, and scheduling are completely contingent upon the Audience Insights provided by Facebook. We take a deep dive into insights and analyze what kind of content your audience is engaging with the most and at what time. By keeping the data in sight, we improve your marketing strategy and content calendars accordingly.

Facebook Advertisement

To promote your business through your website or online store, we run PPC ads that bring qualified and convertible leads. By targeting people with relevant interests, demographics, and psychographics, our Facebook ads always bring significant and measurable ROI. We make it sure that your sales increase and your products and services get the visibility and popularity they deserve.

What’s More in Our Facebook Marketing Services?

Let Web Expressions Help You Revolutionize your long-term business strategy with Effective and result-yielding Facebook Marketing Services. We use updated tools, technology and tactics. Our every step is complied with Facebook policies and centered on your bottom line growth.

By working with us, you enjoy:

  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Abundant Relevant Traffic to Your Website
  • Work with Professionals
  • Complete Exposure to Marketing Campaigns
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Weekly or Biweekly Reporting
  • Affordable Services
social media marketing

Twitter Marketing Services

Web Expressions offers twitter marketing services that make your brand more human, reduce your customer support expenses and expand your business like a pro.

We identify your business goals and manage your twitter account to achieve them be it enhanced engagement, boosted brand awareness or lead generation

Everybody can Tweet. Writing 160 characters is not that hard. But writing a Tweet that stands out from 7000 Tweets going live every second? That takes mastery. Luckily, Wowbix’s professional twitter marketers and managers have got it.

We don’t only use Twitter to market your brand but also to yield long-lasting relationships with your customers, industry influencers and potential buyers.

To give you an honest insight into our procedure, let us tell you that we also create polls to enhance engagement, host live Twitter chats, stream live videos, use convincing CTAs and try to connect you with as many industry influencers as possible to gain more visibility.

You can do all that by yourself, but if you want to save time and make more money than you’re willing to invest, let us help you with our tested methods.

social media marketing

Win Millions of Hearts, Get Thousands of Retweets and Enjoy Stardom

Profile Setting

Personalized profile description, researched hashtags, memorable pictures, clear handle, and consistent posting help us create optimized twitter profile. We also ensure the synchronization of information shared on your Twitter profile with the info shared on other social channels to boost business authority.


Our Twitter marketing services are focused on data. We research your audience and see what kind of content they like and when they hang out the most on Twitter. Additionally, competition research and trending topic research make it sure that your Tweets are better than anybody online.

Twitter Content Strategy

After research, we develop a content strategy and content calendars for your Twitter profile. Our twitter content creators create custom videos and images for your business and gather ideas that can trigger a quick response from your target audience. We run A/B tests to assess our approaches.

Regular Postings

We post regularly at the time when your customers or prospects are more likely to be online. Strict time management and quick response to your customers’ queries make it sure that the brand trusts increases and people start talking about your business more on Twitter.


We analyze the performance of your Twitter account daily and find ways to improve it in order to bring more engagement, website traffic and leads. It also involves assessing if Twitter is a good social platform for your business. For we don’t want to take your money if we don’t help you make more.

Promotions and Twitter Advertising

We promote your tweets to the highly targeted audience to catch quick attention. Similarly, we run Twitter ad campaigns to promote your products or services and bring relevant traffic to your website. It not only increases sales but also ranks your website faster on search engines due to social validation.

Relationships & Influencer Marketing

We reach out to industry influencers and try to get recommendations for your business. For people trust a recommended brand 85% more. In addition to this, we interact with your audience on a personal level and answer their queries. It ensures the brand authority through effective social media marketing.

What’s More in Our Twitter Marketing Services?

By working with us, you enjoy:

  • Good Business Reputation
  • Enormous Fan Following
  • Easy and Quick Customer Support
  • Robust Engagement and Leads
  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Impressive Return on Investment
  • A lot of time to work on Real Business
social media marketing

LinkedIn Marketing Services

Take Your B2B Brand to another Level of Revenue Generation and Lead Nurturing through our LinkedIn Marketing Services

Web Expressions helps you Cast a Spell on Your Potential Clients and Get Connected Directly with Industry Decision Makers

LinkedIn has around 500M users.

Let’s set that number aside and see what interests you.

61M LinkedIn users are senior level influencers in their industry while 40M users hold decision making position in their respective companies.

If you maintain a powerful LinkedIn profile that speaks volumes about your potential, your business values and you double down your LinkedIn marketing efforts, you shall be able to directly target the right people at the right position of the most suitable companies.

But that doesn’t come by just creating an account, posting a picture and sitting back waiting for the miracle to happen.

social media marketing

Make Connections that Matter


Our LinkedIn Marketing Services are focused on custom business insights and analysis. Researching your target audience, goals and competitors entail the beginning of your linked marketing campaign. Additionally, we assess what kind of content needs to be created and promoted in order to achieve your identified business goals.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

We develop a top-notch linked marketing strategy based on our research data. To make most out of our social media marketing efforts, we create content calendars and enlist people you specifically want to target. We stick to your budget and business goals and continue everything after your approval.

Content Creation and Publishing

Our content writers, editors, and designers join together to create personalized content for your LinkedIn business profile. Later, our marketers take over to use the content appropriately in order to promote your business and grab long-lasting leads. They also run LinkedIn advertisement campaigns and make sure it directly grows your bottom line.

Relationship Building

Our LinkedIn management services revolve around effective networking with people who matter for your business growth. We answer their queries; connect with them on their posts and show-off your business potential when necessary. It is like a professional taking care of your account 24/7 and never missing an opportunity to grab a lead.

Analysis and Reporting

This is where all the claims get real and you can test our credibility. We provide you with transparent exposure to our techniques and tools we use to manage your LinkedIn account. Weekly performance reports, ads performance data and alterations made during the week are conveyed to you. Not only this, our strategist hops on a call with you to discuss the further plans.

Web Expressions helps you make that miracle happen with a thought-through linked marketing strategy.

Web Expressions has been operating as an influential social media marketing agency for 3 years now. We have served multiple small to medium-sized and large businesses. After all the hard work, we have made a name for ourselves based on the quality of our services.

By working with us, you enjoy:

  • Connection with Reputed Influencers in Your Industry
  • Quick Lead Nurturing
  • More Revenue Generating Opportunities
  • Better Personnel Recruitment Opportunities
  • Followers who are honestly interested in Your Business
social media marketing

Pinterest Marketing Services

Get Bundles of Relevant Traffic to Your Website and Increase Your Sales with our custom Pinterest Marketing Services

Web Expressions is a Pinterest marketing agency which helps small to medium-sized businesses acheive their goal of boosted ROI through effective social media marketing

Pinterest has 250M monthly users and more than 50% of them use Pinterest to make purchases.

The fun part is 70% of the active Pinterest users are females.

If your target audiences are females of a certain age and occupation, Pinterest marketing must be one of your first priorities to expand your business.

But to make your Pinterest management lucrative, it takes more than just signing up and re-pinning other people’s pictures (aka pins).

You need to make changes to your website and design better images. You also need to create a timeline to follow niche-oriented pins and create content that attracts your ideal customers.

social media marketing

Web Expressions Pinterest management services take care of everything and offer you all the time you need to work on bigger tasks like finance, promotions etc.

Pinterest doesn’t support direct business promotions. Here is what we do to promote your brand complying with Pinterest’s lifestyle-oriented policy.


Our Pinterest marketing services start with your target audience and niche-oriented market research on Pinterest. We find the most relevant boards, influencers who might take interest in your business and your competitors.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Our marketers dig deeper into your brand’s message, vision, and values and come up with a lifestyle tone that can help promote your brand. After that, on the basis of the research data, they make content creation and sharing plan.

Profile Optimization

We optimize your Pinterest profile so that it can be easy to identify by customers and indexed by search engines. Moreover, we help you add Pinterest share option to your website so that your website visitors can become your promoters.

Content Creation & Curation

Pinterest is based on content curation. Our designers create custom high pin-able images such as infographics and create creative pin-boards. We also host group boards so that your customers can participate in your marketing.


To build your brand online, our social media marketers interact with other influencers of your industry on Pinterest and re-pin pins which might interest your customers. It helps you get quick leads and long-lasting relationships with your industry fellows.


Pinterest offers complete performance analysis on its own. You can log-in and see how your business profile is performing and how your business is doing in terms of conversion. However, we also deliver time-to-time analysis reports to support our claims.

Get Thousands of Re-Pins, Millions of Traffic and Revenue You always Dreamed About

You can try to do everything by yourself, but it will deprive you of your precious time and energy that you can spend to make way more money than you pay us.

By working with us, you enjoy:

  • Massive Pinterest Fan Following
  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Boosted CTR
  • Massive Relevant Website Traffic
  • Better Revenue Generation Opportunities
social media marketing

Instagram Marketing Services

Let Our Graphic Designers Manage Visuals and Instagram Marketers Deal with Promotions and Sit back to Work on More Important Tasks

Web Expressions is a Pinterest marketing agency which helps small to medium-sized businesses acheive their goal of boosted ROI through effective social media marketing

There are 800M Instagram users.

Every user interacts with at least one business out of 25M businesses on Instagram.

70% of total Instagram users use this visual content sharing platform to learn about a brand and buy.

Therefore, with an impressive business profile on Instagram with original content and powerful promotion, you can easily boost your brand authority and revenue.

But that doesn’t happen with just signing up and posting random pictures. It takes strategy, time, energy, communication skills, marketing guts, and money.

social media marketing

Instagram Marketing Takes Time, Effort and Strategy. This is how we do it.

Instagram Profile Setting

From choosing the right handle to mentioning the right hashtag, description and website link, we do it all strategically. Our Instagram marketers specialize in choosing the market-friendly profile themes that make your followers fall in love with your brand.


Our specialists study your target audience, get familiar with industry trends and enlist the most converting hashtags. Additionally, your competitors’ research helps us understand what things we need to focus on to outdo them all.

Instagram Content Strategy

Based on the research data, we create content calendars. Our designers create visual content and marketers curate plan to use the content effectively. Giveaways, shoutouts, outreach to influencers, activities, and events are planned to increase growth and engagement.


Our Instagram managers keep an eye on your account 24/7 and participate in every activity that can help your business grow. Such as, networking with other influencers, replying to DMs and comments, creating polls and posting enagaging stories!

Instagram Advertisement

Instagram ads are one of the most popular promotion resources for small to medium-sized businesses. We help you ace your Instagram marketing campaign by hand-picking your target audience and by creating highly converting ads.


We provide you with time-to-time performance report so that you can keep up with the progress. The reports involve ad performance data, CTR report, content analysis and calendar for next week. Everything works after your approval.

Outsource your Instagram management and Instagram marketing to Web Expressions and Enjoy Counting your Cash

You can create images, write captions and post stories on your own. But maintaining a consistent online presence while dealing with the hard part of the business, it gets lost. Conclusively, you lose your customers and disappoint your new followers.

Let’s not let your business go down that road.

Web Expressions has been working as an effective Instagram marketing company for years. Entrust your business to our tested methods and tools, and you shall never face disappointment.

By working with us, you enjoy:

  • A Profile your Competitors Try to Imitate
  • Fan Following your Competitors Envy
  • Organic Engagement that Sounds Crazy
  • Influencers talking about you On Their Own
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness
  • Better Chances of ROI
  • Boosted Sales
  • Better Search Engine Ranking
social media marketing

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