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Home Page ( Mvula Borehole Drilling)



The homepage design has a short introduction to things they can do for you and also why they do it. Then come to the work that they have done and question you may want to know.

Borehole Drilling Services Page



On Mvula Borehole Drilling page it explains the procedure of borehole drilling and the cost of borehole drilling. I have also added a call to action just before the pricing and also adding a Pdf and Word document download.

Water Surveying Service Page


water surveying service page


The water surveying page tells you how they do the water divining latest electronic technology to survey borehole water. This device shows the depth to the water and can also give a yield of the water below. One other thing they do is the testing of the water quality. Illustrations provided give you the exact information on what the device can show you. The pricing is also displayed with a contact form.



mvula borehole maintenance and repairs

Mvula borehole maintenance and repairs show the quality of these services. The page then goes on to explain what can go wrong in your borehole and it also tells clients that they are able to fix any type of repair to your borehole.

About Page


mvula borehole drilling about page


The about page gives you their long story in a short version. They also tell you they have the right tools to do the job.

Contact Page


mvula borehole drilling contact page


The contact page has all the details where the business is situated. A simple contact form is also included with a google map on the business location for easy to find for potential customers.